Be careful when dealing with Pyon Sound - John Park

It was around 2015 Feb.

I encountered an adv from John Park posted in audiogon  about selling a turntable directly form the Pyon Sound factory.
I asked John if he had another better one. He suggested the improved model Black Pearl II .
Pyon Sound is not a famous brand but the diagram and the specification was very attractive e.g. " wow and flutter figure of better than .001%" in their website.
In addition, John Park  committed more than once in the email that I could return the product for whatever reason and got the refund. Therefore, I based on his commitment and gave it a try.
When the turntable arrived, the bearing had problem and I asked for refund. He said that he would ship another good bearing to me . If I did not like , I could refund . After waiting for a few weeks,  the new bearing arrived.  It was not perfect but it was better than the broken one.

However , when I used the   Dr.Feickert's PlatterSpeed disc to test the turntable, I  found that the w&f 

was around 0.28/0.24% which was much worse than the number (0.001%)  stated in Pyon Sound's web-site .

I asked John how he got the w&f measurement of his Black Pearl II turnable. He could not tell.

I asked for return and refund again.  

Then John did not reply my email any more. I called his office but no one answered the phone.

I wrote it down and hope that there would not be another guy  falling into the same trap .

Good luck.

I doubt most product specs are independently verified.  So I would never rely on published specs alone unless from a trusted source.
I would only by products with a proven track record. I don't want to be someone's Guinea pig.
Audiophiles are considerably naive crowd. I've heard and saw that many times. Thanks for sharing nice schema and continue to trust your ears!
I will put him on my do not call list ASAP!!!
The maxim as a buyer is "Buyer Beware" (Caveat Emptor). No-one held a gun to your head to purchase. You read, you convinced yourself, now you regret. A little bit of healthy skepticism is necessary in this world with so many deceptive sales practices being used as common devices in every arena. The gullible purchaser is the ideal target of all merchandising and marketing. So don't be gullible.
The price of gullibility is tears. It was hundreds of years ago that the saying "A fool and his money are easily parted" yet in those hundreds of years many have not heeded the lesson of those words. P.T.Barnum recognised that there appears to be a continuing stream of those who are easily parted from their money and said "There's a sucker born every minute".
Entire industries are based around the Fool and The Sucker. Trillions of dollars of revenue are derived from them. Billions owe their livelihoods to them. In many ways the world could not run without them.
Do you wish to remain among them? Have you learnt from your experience? If not, be prepared to be burnt again.
Please get off your soap box.
If what the OP says is true, the vendor lied and misrepresented his goods and did not honor his word on the terms of the sale. And he still claims .001% on their website. But why buy from Korea where you most likely have no recourse?
It was around 2015 Feb.

So all this happened about a year ago. And now your telling us. So do you still have the TT as I assume he hasn’t responded to you in a year.

Moving forward, don’t get lulled in uber low W&F measurements - anything below 0.1% inaudible. And there are many reputable brands from actual dealers to choose from that are way below this number.

I still kept Pyon Sound's TT and the TT's speed control was totally out of order recently so I bought a new TT.
Pyon Sound's website has gone for some time and I thought John was out of the business so I let the things settle to the dust.
There were 2 things that triggered me to share my store here after a year:  
1. I found that John has tried to sell  some other Pyon Sound stuff recently in Audiogon again. He still want to making money from some audiophile with his own way.
2. When  a guy came to  help me to fix a tonearm problem in my new table, he recognized  Pyon Sound's TT immediately.  He shared his story to me.  I could not verify his story but it alerted me that I might not be the only one being trapped if it could not be stopped.
To prevent the unfortunate story  to happen again , I have to share my experience here and hope that you do understand what might happen when you made your purchasing decision.

Good Luck.


Sorry to hear of your troubles. Good news is that your Pyon table can certainly be sorted out. It's a beautiful table. If the bearing is off, take it to a reputable repair shop and have it installed correctly. 
Same with the speed control. I certainly wouldn't write it off.  This should also improve your already good wow and flutter rating. 

Small shops often have have a difficult time with quality control no matter how good the initial design. 
Now spend a little more and repair your turntable and then enjoy it. It's not one you're going to see very often. 

i can also report a bad experience with john park -pyon sound. i ordered a rack for 2000 dollars . when assembling i experienced that 2 shelves where demaged. john park never answered to my claim. i would deal with him anymore.  
Even though I understand the attitudes of a few post that basically say "there's a sucker born every minute"..... overall,  I believe that people should represent their products correctly in advertising.  I haven't had it happen,  but I can easily see myself liking a product very much to find out that the person selling or the manufacturer lied.  Personally,  I say,
Thanks for the Warning