Be-718 owners, what sub are you using?

I'm planning to add a subwoofer to fill in the lower octave. My room is 15x24 and I listen mostly to 2-channel jazz and indie rock (80%). I also watch movies from time to time in the same room, 2-channel only.

I've been looking at JL Audio and am leaning in that direction. I'd welcome any advice from others who are using the Tiny Dancers (Usher Be-718s).

What subs have you found easy to integrate?

Thanks in advance.

Give some thought to the Paradigm line-up. Their higher end subs can be programmed to integrate bass response to match your speakers and the room envirnment. These subs use a device called the PBK (perfect bass kit) and utilize your computer to run a program to do the equalization calculations. You then download the specs into the self-powered woofer to effect the equalization.

I believe these woofers have garned numerous favorable reviews. They're a tad pricey, so if interested, I'd look for good used models.

I have have the Signature Servo sub and it sounds great. Unfortunately, it's not set up to use the PBK device.

Good luck.
You need something fast and tight, so look to a closed box design. The smaller JL Audio or Rel products would go nicely. Not sure if MJ acoustics is available in the US - that's what I'm using. MJ Ref 100 mkII
I use a pair of JL Audio F110's with my BE-718's and they sound great. I used the supplied microphones and let them set themselves up automatically. Then I played around a little bit with placement and volume settings but really they were almost perfect after the auto setup sequence. It was too easy-maybe I just got lucky with my room and system integration but it certainly wasn't the time consuming ordeal that most members write about. I didn't start with one JL and add another later-I started with two. I previously had one 15" powered sub that I assembled from a kit I bought from Parts Express-a Dayton sub. That one didn't integrate very well. The JL's are much more musical. I am a firm believer in stereo subs-a hotly contested topic here but I've tried both single and double although they were different brands and sizes. One sub added bass. Two subs added bass and kicked out the corners on the soundstage-dramatic! My take on one sub vs. two is this: bass may be omnidirectional but that doesn't mean you can't tell where it's coming from! That just means that from its source it radiates in all directions outward. Maybe I'm biased. When I was a kid the family hifi consisted of a stereo that had a big floorstanding unit with the turnatable, tweeter, and a huge woofer in it, plus a satellite speaker one third the size with a single driver in it. It sounded dumb in the bass. Later my dad got a receiver with a pair of B.I.C. Venturi speakers and it was on! Harry Nillson's "Jump Into The Fire" had the greatest bass line intro.
I don't use a Be-718 speaker, but Canton subs are fast. You might want to consider the Vento.
Velodyne has been the 800 lb. gorilla in the room for quite some time. Look at their DD series and their Optimum series. They both use their outstanding software and built-in parametric equalizers with microphones to allow for a very precise setup for any room. They can be foind on A'gon, used, for pretty good prices...

Thanks for these excellent suggestions. I'm leaning toward a single JL Audio F112, at least to start with. I also like the Paradigm suggestion and will look to see who carries them locally.

I have a F112 supporting the tiny dancers and I 've always been happy with the integration but you 'll have to use the auto-calibration system and keep the volume down on the subwoofer.

I listened to this setup for years in a 12x18 room, but even in my new 24x28 room the f112 can still tear the walls down if necessary.
BTW forgot to mention - the f112 does make an *obvious* and wonderful difference - it adds dramatically to the soundstage and the music gains more weight. And that's the case for pieces without any deep base.

This has been verified by friends who are not audiophiles.