BDR "The Shelf" Isolation platform

I've read lots of nice things about the Black Diamond Racing "The Shelf" and of course "The Source", as a base for CD players.

Has anyone in the forum had a positive actual experience with these shelves?

If you've had a good experience with a competitor product such as SRA, TAOC, IsoRock etc did you do any comparisons with other product before purchase?
I love the BDR shelves. I own the Grand Prix Audio rack and I still get improvements w/ a shelf under my preamp, dac and transport.
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I use a BDR shelf under My Basis 2001 turntable and on top of a Solid Steel rack I also use the BDR cones between the shelf and the top of the rack. I like the combo it sure sounds better than the MDF shelf that came with the Solid Steel rack. I also use the BDR squares under the spikes on the bottom of the Solid Steel rack I do not want to poke a hole in My floor so I use the squares now . I once used quarter's but the spikes poked a hole through them in time. I guess I like them. Marc
I have BDR source shelves under all my gear (TT, sacd, pre, power). Without question they greatly improve the overall coherance of the music with also a greater level of detail, depth and dimension. When you use a shelf or source always use cones down under to create an air space. Below the component point your BDR cones facing up with the tip in contact with the component. When doing this everthing has a more relaxed and open sound.

Note the shelf is good for lighter compoents under 40 lbs.
man i love bdr products,tried many cones and other squishy iso products.hard to beat for the money!!
I just got a BDR source shelf with one set of mk.III and one set of mk.IV cones. Going to be used under a CD player, Electrocompaniet EMC-1UP. After reading your post should the layering look like this? CD player- one set of cones with tips pointed up-the shelf-one set of cones with tips pointed down -equiptment rack.

The cones should point towards the shelf and should mirror the arrangement of the opposite set. Trying to mix-n-matching Mk 3's and 4's can lead to a bout of A.N.
Coniferdave - you got it right. Note that you may need to experiment with location for the cones under the CDP.
Listen first with just the cdp sitting on the shelf with no cones then the cones on the shelf pointing up with the CDP on top.

Here's everything you need to know about BDR. Concerning cone positioning, some have tried with tip up/tip down under the same component with varying results.
Thanks for all the responses. It looks like there could be an almost infinite number of combinations. I can see where you could drive yourself crazy trying to come up with the best mix. That's not going to happen to me to me to me to me............