BDP 93 or BDP 95? More slam dunks from OPpo?

With the BDP 95s initial release date upcoming next month, I’ve a couple questions for anyone in the know as to the ’93 or ‘95s performance.

I own a BDP 83 and like the idea of the new BDP 93s networking of file playback, the allowance of NTFS formatted discs, ESATA, file formats like FLAC being accepted…. And reputedly a better video chip set, and a better audio DAC as in the 95.

Does the Oppo BDP 95 appear to be another winner from Oppo, or does it seem to be only a little bit more than a modest effort to engage the audio hobbyist into foregoing any thoughts of a dedicated audio disc player and sticking with a single universal player instead? A one size fits all worth buying solution?

I’m not familiar with the Ess audio DAC the 95 is going to use, nor am I familiar with how well the Rotel transformer will play into this topography. Nor am I really up on why the switch from the Anchor Bay video chipset to this new type?

Am I reading the specs right in that the 95 can also be used as an input to the ESS DAC from some other digital source?

Performance gains in the BDP 95 seems to hinge primarily on the new ESS audio DACs, and Rotel transformer, along with the balanced connections. Does all of this equate to a great player? A no brainer pick in this category of near $1K universal players?

Or from another angle…. Assuming both the 93 & 95 are superior to the 83, does the ’95 seem to support it’s added near $500 cost over that of the BDP 93?

BTW…. Playback of BR 3D video and/or watching streaming video from BB or Netflicks doesn’t appeal to me at all.

Consequently, I’m torn between selling my 83 and buying either the 93 or 95.

Any help setting me straight on these two players is immensely appreciated.
This doesn't answer your question, but I have a BDP-93. When my kids ordered a movie from Blockbuster on Demand, the e-mail receipt indicated that the movie was purchased from either an Oppo BDP-93, BDP-95 or BDP-97. This was the first time I'd seen any mention of a BDP-97. Anyone know anything about a 97?

BDP 97?

could be Oppo was just reserving a place up the road and registered another slot for some possible forthcoming model... well in advance.
I believe that 95 comes to fill the "audiophile gap" 93 has left behind, with dedicated stereo analog outputs, and even balanced ones.
I'm sure modders will embrace the 95 which will have all the prerequisites to become a truly universal machine, capable of replacing computer-based audio front ends systems as well.
95 doesn't seem to expose its internal DACs to external transports, I haven't seen any digital inputs, but it will be capable of playing the music files directly from the attached external hard drive(s). It accepts FLAC...
I won't give up my 83 for the 95 because I already have a dedicated computer-based music system in a different room, built around W4S DAC2, but if I didn't I would definitely give 95 a good look. Maybe, as is, stock, it won't dislodge the W4S, but with mods...
93 didn't attract me for it didn't even have dedicated stereo outputs, but 95? A totally different perspective...

I tend to agree with much of your comments.

BDP 97?

According to Oppo…. Netflix, BB, etc., asked for a possible upcoming product designation so as to enable them to setup their own proprietary assignments to various company players so they don’t have to fuss with it repeatedly. Oppo has no designs on a model 97 as of this posting.

Also, the 95 can be used as a DLNA device for audio file playback and in that regard, be used as a DAC. An Explorer type folder tree will reveal 8 folders at a time, and their consequent files. Oppo says the Saber chipset using 32 bit word structure vs 24, and the upgraded power sup from Rotel as well as two pair of DACs for stereo sampling, should easily exceed the performance of the 83 SE.

It’s reputedly going to sell for $999 and as release dates go, I was cautioned to not be expecting editorialized or professional reviews on the 95 until as late as mid summer, perhaps. Summer? ???

Both 93 & 95 models sport a new TEAC drive assembly. Have networking functionality, read NTFS discs. Play a larger assortment of files including lossless file types. Cnnect directly to ESATA drives. Have 3-d Blue ray replay.

According to one Oppo employee, It was said the BDP 83 would replay SD DVD marginally better via the Anchor Bay chip than thru the new Marvel chips… but very marginally. Less than 5% difference. Due primarily to scaling and some other aspect of SD DVD play. Blue Ray would not be so affected. No mention of the upscaling feature for SD DVD was revealed as better than or less than in the BDP 93. the newer model does enable streaming video and 3D video, so the chipsets do have a different set of priorities to deal with most commonly.

I suppose then it comes down to this….

IF NETWORKING of, and playback of video and audio files via something other than a computer is important,, AND THEY ARE ON A Hard Disc Drive, networked or not … USB, ESATA.

IF having 2 HDMI outputs is key

IF 3D BR content playback is a big deal

IF streaming (renting) movies from offsite venues is a biggie

And you don’t mind the 4-5% loss of video perfection which accompanies this added functionality…. The 93 is the deal!

IF however you want a boost in the audio department for better disc or file playback, and as well all the other aforementioned bells and whistles … and there are more so check out the Oppo website…. Then the added $500 is required provided you want the Oppo name riding on it.

Otherwise…. If you aren’t headed for a new 3D display… don’t care to rent online, your BR discs, or DVDs from Netflix, BB, etc., and aren’t into audio file playback from storage or networked devices, and you like what the BDP 83 is giving you… keep your ’83.

I’ve decided to sell my BDP 83. I’ve not decided on which Oppo model to buy next however. I’m inclined to wait till this summer in fact…. But who knows. I’m not the most paitient man in the world… just more so than ever before. The BDP 95 does interest me more so than the 93…. But both are IMHO a step up if for no other reason than the networking aspects.
A quick Google turned up this on the BDP-97:

Here is the response from Oppo regarding the BDP-97...


The BDP-97 is a product that we are considering, but there are absolutely no details about this player. When we submitted our players for testing, they needed to know what products we thought might be released within the year, to ensure that they could properly input them into our database. This meant that we had to provide them with the platform for the player, as well as the names for players which may or may not be released.

Best Regards,

Customer Service
OPPO Digital, Inc.
2629B Terminal Blvd.
Mountain View, CA 94043
[email protected]
Tel: 650-961-1118
Fax: 650-961-1119
yeah... that's waht I said, right? Well, more or less. Nothing on the drawing board, just filling a slot for the streams to rent joints.

Thanks, though.

Nothing to get excited about... yet.

We'll have to wait for Hollywood to figure out what our next redo of formats, or other security steps they wish to prevail upon us. HDMI 2.0 ?


Next up? Mini discs that look like marbles. Big fat jaw breaker like marbles. A little smaller than golf balls that contain enough space for a Terra BBit of info or more. Or memory sticks that have all the Blueray info on them. No discs at all!

I can't wait to rebuy my movies and music a fourth time.
Blindjim, will the next format have glassless 3D on some kind of non mechanical memory drive?
Bubble memory. Black hole memory. Perhaps in time, they'll figure out how to clone flicks in the lab organically. Beat's me where they're headed but I'm sure they're headed somewhere so I'll have to be reinvesting in something, somewhere at some point..

Personally, I think the next big deal would be to have dedicated rooms or hollo suites. Wherein the whole room becomes the environment.... ala Next Generation Star Trek.

That will come out right about the time I'm getting my last rights. I'll stick around ONLY if they say it doesn't require new construction to impliment the technology. It's just a bolt on to any existing room!

...and of course the outlay of $1,630,000 for the hardware and installation. 'Course, movies then will cost a couple hundred bucks, and albums will run about the same... but the band shows up in hollographic person.