Bdgt Spker Cable 4 second system nordost v. kimber

My son and I are working on a system for his bedroom. He is of the digital generation, thus we are working around a Wadia i70. It is paired with a peachtree audio decco integrated, an analysis plus interconnect, and Focal 906's. He is looking at upgrading the speaker cables and is considering the Kimber Cable 8TC and Nordost Blue Heaven. I haven't used either, so any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
Since he is using AP interconnect, why not AP speaker cables? Oval 9 or Oval 12 cables are very good.
What cable is he currently using? Why upgrading? Budget?
I use biwire blue heaven for my second system ( pioneer sacd , primaluna prologue 1 , B&W 601 series 3/proac resp 1sc/ref3a de capo-i ) , and very happy with the quality and performance.
Very detail presentation , my only complaint is that the bass a little thin...but considering the price , I can live with that..

Just don't compare it to Valhalla , because if we compare it to that , the differences are huge..but again--the price differences are HUGGEEE...

System matching needs synergy , so in the end , all you have to do is borrow both cables and listen for yourself which is more right for you