BD Player Oppo and UpConversion

I am somewhat of a newbie on this so hopefully the forum will be patient with me.

I am trying to decide if I should replace my current inexpensive Sony blurray player with Oppo BD-103.

I watch a mix of blu ray movies, some older DVDs and stream NetFlix. For music I am mostly use an 1st Generation Apple TV where I ripped all of my CDs in lossless format.

My TV is a Pioneer 50" Elite and receiver is an Integra 7.9.

I am little confused about which component handles what best - meaning let the Bluray player handle the video part and the receiver do it's part. However, if I do watch an older DVD would it make sense to have a " better " blurry player process the image. Similarly with blurray movies. However, someone told me that all Blurays are already 1080p so there is no processing to be done.

Also what about sound

Thanks a lot!!
The surround sound codecs in the newer Blu-ray discs aren't supported by your Integra 7.9 is my guess.

Therefore, run analog 7.1 (or 5.1) to your Integra for the audio signal is my suggestion.

The video can go via hdmi directly to your Elite.
I agree with the previous post. In fact this is what I do; I use an Oppo 105 to
perform the audio decoding to analog 5.1 into a Krell HTS 7.1 and direct HDMI
feed (video only) from the Oppo to a Sony VPL-VW85 projector. The Krell HTS
7.1 is just acting as a 5.1 channel volume control. The results to my ears and
eyes are excellent.

You are correct, all blu-ray disc are 1080p, in addition virtually all also have HD
audio (DTS HD Master Audio or Dolby TrueHD either in 5.1 or 7.1 format, not
much of the latter). Whereas DVD is in 480i format with standard 5.1 DTS or
Dolby Digital audio (not lossless HD as used in blu-ray disc). For best results
upconverting 480i DVD images to 1080p, let the Oppo do this automatically.
The results are often very impressive. Not quite as good as native 1080p blu-
ray, but certainly better than regular 480i.
Thank you for the responses.

To clarify my question - will there be a difference in picture quality using the Oppo vs. the less expensive blu-ray player and letting my Integra receiver upgrade the picture?

thanks again
The Integra 7.9 does decode the new audio codecs. I would let the Integra do the processing. If you use the analog out from the 103 you may loss the room correction in the Integra unless it turns the analog into Digital. If you are going to do that you might as well send Digital via HDMI to start with.

Most modern Blu Rays are 1080p so you are correct that not much processing needs to be done to the picture. Unless you are pretty picky, the Sony will probably do as well as the Oppo for Blu Rays.

For DVDs, the Oppo may do a better job of upscaling than the Sony. If you are happy with the DVD picture from the Sony, you might not need to change. The 7.9 has DCDi video processing by Faourdja, which is pretty good. If you can, try a DVD with the Sony not upscaling the video and let the Integra do it. Compare that to the Sony doing the video upscaling.

Streaming Netflix video from you Sony is probably already 1080 if you have good bandwidth. So I am not sure you will see a great improvement with the Oppo.

The Integra is a good unit, probably pretty comparable to the Oppo for video upscaling. The Oppo is a very nice player. But I am not convinced it will do a better job than the Sony/Integra for the video you describe.

You can always try the Oppo and return it if you do not see a great improvement. Costs you the shipping cost.