BC61 or 62: Blacker background?

I'm using a Moray James and XLO something or other right now, think the Blue Circles could offer me a blacker background? Ever since CES I'm obessed with making everything in the background silent.
Disclaimer... I am affiliated with Blue Circle, and it is because I believe in what Gilbert designs.

The BC62 is what you want between the two (yeah I know it cost twice as much), if you're looking for that kind of improvement. The BC61 is a good power cord; the BC62 is big step up from it.

Have you tried any of Blue Circle power products which is another way to get quiet and black by eliminating noise coming in from the AC. The BC86-Mk3 Noisehound Power Pillows are probably the most inexpensive way to make the whole system quieter in addition to power cords. The BC606 Power Bar uses the same technology incorporating a power strip, and the Music Rings do the best job.

There are two BC dealers who advertise on AudiogoN. You can contact them or myself for more information.

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I demoed each cord on my cd player and found they both gave a blacker background to the music. I couldn't tell much difference between the two cords. The noise pillows didn't do much for my system, but I already have good power conditioning.

The BC62 over the 61 is going to make a bigger difference to an amplifier or phono stage, more than to a CD player.

Digital components like CD players/DACs are a source of noise, not the components affected by noise.

The BC86 is actually a good way to eliminate some digital noise if you plug it into an unused plug on a conditioner instead of a wall plug.

Sometimes you'll notice the BC86 more after you get use to the sound of your system with it in, and then remove it.