BC silver serpent or Apogee Wyde Eye?

Looking for a new digital coax between my CD and Preamp., currently using a Rat Shak. Looking at going with either a Better Cables Silver serpent or Apogee Wyde eye. Any one with experience with these cables, your input is appreciated. Thank You Chris
use the wyde eye. cheap works great. had mine made custom by a recording studio in nyc. nice quality, nice deal.this is what they use in studios to record and monitor music...they think exotic cables are a joke.

The Apogee is a very good product. I'm sure you could do better, but only at several times its cost. Just because it's not outrageously priced doesn't mean the Apogee doesn't deliver high end quality perfomance.
The Apogee is going to be hard to beat considering it's price. I owned one for a while but then upgraded to the Illuminations D-60 cable which yes, was better. I have seen used D-60's on Audiogon for $85.00-$100.00 which is a great deal. Something to consider.... Good Luck.

I haven't tried the BC Silver Serpent, but tried one of their earlier models and did not like it. I have owned both the new and the older Apogee in both the rca and the balanced versions. I used to think it was one of the best values around until I recently tried Phoenix Gold DR.910 which I think is a little clearer and smoother and it costs less! I also like Harmonic Tech Copper Link but it is more expensive.