bb tweeking again. help me

so do you think bags of rice 5 lbs or so will work like sand for dampning cd players and ect..funny thing mother in law suggested it..

(Don't cook it...!!!!!) LOL
Well, if he cooks it first, it may make the sound warmer.

Sorry......I couldn't resist.
I bought a Billy Bags stand from a guy that installs custom audio video and designs the the rooms,basicly high end projector rooms and he told me cat litter works good as a vibration damper and it is cheap.I saw the room he set up at his own house and though it was out of my price range the guy definatly knows his stuff.Has any one heard of using cat litter to fill racks and stands ?
Of course, with cooked rice the CDP may show a preference for songs by Edith Pilaf...
Long grain or short grain?
I have used cat litter in the past to fill speaker stands. I find it works best in combination with lead shot.
I read an article that Basmati has better vibration absorbing properties than does
brown or white types of rice;)
Try Rice-A-Roni, it's the San Francisco treat!

ok guys i get you by now,i wasnt wanting this post to be funny but we had our fun,now does it matter what we put in bags?,weight is what we want right,popcorn should work.any thing we use will, right