Bay Area Audiophile Society Northern California

BAAS serves audiophiles and music lovers in the San Francisco Bay Area. We maintain a website -- -- that announces our forthcoming meetings and explains how to join. Our recent meetings have included demos of the Theta Gen. VIII DAC/preamp, Beolab 5 speakers, Stillpoints supports and racks, and Soaring Audio monoblocks. We also sponsor member system hopping events and social potlucks/swap meets. Please check out the website and contact us.
I am interested and would like to find out more. McIntosh and Transparent in my system now. Thanks Don
Please head to our website and go from there.
jason victor serinus for BAAS
In case this didn't go through the first time... please go to our website, Don. Read the information, then proceed.

Thanks so much,
jason victor serinus
Has the website changed? The link is bad. Would love to join.
This link doesn't work? Do we need to re organize the club?
The new BAAS web site is at the following address:

You'll find links how to join (very informal!) and reports about recent and upcoming events.
The BAAS website is now:

Check it out!