Bax speaker insurance

Hi all

I have been informed by Bax global, they will only insure international speaker shipping for $500.00 max. Does anybody know about this policy? Is their 3rd party insurance available? Is their any reasonable alternatives, FedEx was almost triple the price of Bax. This is from Europe to the USA, air freight.

There are companies that do third party insurance, but you need to be careful of what they cover, some will only cover loss for used goods. Call BAX's insurance agent directly, I used someone to ship a 500 lb pallet of gear from FL to CA, and was initially told they would not insue any of it, when I pushed the issue, they agreed they would cover any and all damage incurred in transport and loss, which was really all I wanted.

I took tons of pictures of the gear, packaging, and the final pallet prior to their picking it up, and fortunately for me it all got there well, so I can't tell you more on how the insuranced 'paid off'
Bax Is kind of ODD. On Bax Saver, If you get a online quote it will alert you as to only allowing 500.00 insurance. Fact of the matter is I shipped a Amp with Bax saver,and insured it for 3500... They are TOP NOTCH though Fast Quoted a 250 lb amp to take 5 days it was here in 2. Lets see the idots FEDEX/UPS do that in a undamaged condition.
Thanks so much for the help. I’m tring to get third party insurance now.