Bauhaus on 180g vinyl?

They've come a long way.
A few albums over at music direct.
no, i do not work for them nor a bauhaus member,
just a huge fat fan.
The original pressings probably sound better. I also have a pressing of the Sky's gone out from Japan which sounds awesome. Joy Division has some new 180g vinyl out now too I believe.
Off topic but check out the Bauhaus Gotham DVD available at Netflix. Awesome NYC show with Peter all over the stage. Much different than on their most recent tour.
Peter Murphy toured here a few weeks ago but I missed it. I'm curious how his solo show is.
Really surprised on the responses. Good to see!
Dokosan: Are you kidding me? I bought the DVD the first
day it came out. Great DVD, but the sound quality is
not that good. You have to really crank it up!
Yeah, soundwise not great. We saw Bauhaus at Cinema Room in Ft Lauderdale area 2005 or 2006 and Peter just stood at the microphone singing. The music was fabulous and I gained a greater appreciation of their musicianship but there was no energy in the performance. Contrast this with the Gotham concert where Peter was bouncing around the stage and was totally rockstar cool.

Peter was at Blender in NYC a few weeks ago but we were at The Birthday Massacre / Mindless Self Indulgence show. Heard from friend that the Blender show was good.
i've been fortunate enough to see bauhaus 3 or 4 times (incuding coachella) since their resurrection tour in 98 (i think) they're transcending when they're live. saw peter, too. also great!

has anyone checked out their latest release?