BATVK60 Green Mountain Audio and Transparent ICs

I recently purchased a BAT VK60SE and could no longer use my Cardas Golden Ref single ended ICs. Some Pro Silway MKII were sent with the amp to get me running and I took the opportunity to compare the Pro Silways with Transparent MusicLink Plus...the current model (as of March 2009).

In short, the Transparent put a very obvious compressed feel to the signal. Anyone who has dealt with silence suppression before would easily have recognized what I'm describing; artifically silent.

Anyway, knowing synergy is important, I'd suggest not using Transparen ICs with a BAT Amp, Sonic Frontiers Pre and Green Mountan Audio speakers. Terrible combination.

The Pro Silways do sound great; open on the upper frequencies and a much better sound stage than the Transparent.