Battle of the maxi all in one integrateds: Naim Uniti Atom vs Nad M10

We had our first trial of the new Nad M10 intergrated amplifier an 100 watt Hypex amp streaming dac with Dirac Room correction vs the Naim Uniti Atom a 40 watt class A/B amp streaming dac on a pair of Legacy Signatures.

notes: the Nad is brand new no break in time and room correction not employed. 

We had a client who just purchased the Legacys and was looking to complete his system with an affordable all in one streaming amp so these two products were the perfect match to the client's budget and need for  a simple good sounding compact easy to use product.

The difference in sound was striking the Naim was warmer, puncher and much more involving. The Nad was clean and more powerful but way less involving.

So questioning, it it the  true digital Hypex amp sound or is it lack of breakin? 

Also wondering if when we switch on the Dirac room correction will the Nad pull ahead?

Does anyone have an NAD M10 who might want to comment on its performance?

If you think that we don't like the Nad M10 that is not true it might work out great for many listeners and its feature set is awesome, Blue OS, 100 watt per channel, Dirac, Apt x blue tooth, and it is $800 less expensive than the Naim.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ Naim and Nad dealers

Had the NAD M22 for a while, and it was the same story:  dry, sterile, uninvolving in direct comparison to Class AB competitors.
And while Dirac is good at taming room modes, it’s broadband eq still suffers from the fundamental problem that a single microphone can’t detect or correct what is heard from two ears, a brain, and thousands of years of evolution.
I have the M10 with Paradigm Studio 20 v5's. Absolutely loving it. Clean, smooth, quiet, musical. I use it with Roon and a couple of Bluesound speakers in other rooms. The ESS Sabre DAC and  nCore combination is first rate in my experience. 

Two issues, neither of which are deal breakers for me but may be for others: Dirac is not available yet, will come with a firmware update that will happen "soon". That was disappointing. Also, at the moment you can only use wireless headphones. No headphone jack and no way to connect a headphone amp. It seems to me that a firmware update could make the preouts available for a headphone amp, but to date NAD hasn't said anything about it despite a number of questions online. 
What type of Hypex modules are used on the NAD?