Battery powered, high resolution capable DAC?

Is there such an animal? Could one be made with an existing DAC and a battery power solution like the Red Wine Audio Black Lightning?
The Apogee Mini-DAC. Now discontinued but available used and can still be serviced by Apogee Digital. I run mine with a 12V SLA battery.

The Moon 100D could probably run off battery power too, but you'd need 18 volts.
The Ack Dac is battery powered.
It's pretty simple if the DAC needs a 12V input. I have a Beresford TC-7520 and, like Tobias, I've run it directly from an SLA batttery.

With some wire, a couple of spade connectors for the battery terminals and a power plug from Radio Shack to match the one on the AC power supply for your DAC you're all set, as long as you don't mind manually recharging the battery when needed.
So I guess the trick is knowing the voltage of the DAC? I know my PS Audio PWD uses multiple voltages and therefore is not a candidate. That said, I would prefer something designed to be used with battery power from the get go.

I'll check out the Ack DAC and I just found out that Red Wine Audio will have a hi res DAC in a couple months.
Checked the Ack and it is only 16 bit capable according to what I found on their product page - so that one is a non-starter.
MSB Power DAC is battery powered, high res, and sounds very good.