Battery power for Trends 10.1

Gifted a Trends 10.1integrated to friend, they live in a cabin with limited generator power. On during day for his business, off at night. Need suggestions for a battery/charger set-up (no car battery please) that will work to power modest system. And no we are not going audiophile filter board.

Thanks for suggestions.
Sounds like the perfect candidate for a simple, affordable 12 volt solar panel charger and a small, (appox. $18) 7.5 amp SLA battery. That amp is extremely efficient, and could run for many days off the 7.5 amp battery. You can get a nice 12V weatherproof solar panel charger from any sporting goods dealer or WalMart....No generator needed.
Go to and look at the The NPower Dominator 1000 Powerpack. It has an inverter with regular outlets built. How long it lasts will depend on what type components you plug into it, and how efficient your speakers are.
Thanks for input.
Is that what you were looking for?
Zd542. I think that just might do the trick. Thanks