Battery power, DC motor turntable availability

Looking to purchase a battery powered DC motor turntable. I have a defective immune system- other DC and AC types cause me to be ill. Any suggestions beyond the new small Thales, (expensive) and the Simon Yorke S9,(difficult to find, no longer made)? I'm a music lover and not looking for a massive ultra-table. I'm aware of Origin Live DC mod to the Linn LP12 and believe there to be sound/speed control issues. Thanks !
Even if you do get a battery powered TT, what about the rest of the system, or other electrical devices in the room? Won't those things effect you as well?
It may be more rare to find and about the same price as the smaller Thales table. Performance, of course will be different, but at this moment, who knows which is better?
Yes, I am sure that the TW does sound great, but at a price far beyond what I can afford. Thanks !