BAT5i .preamp vs Sonic Frontier Line 3

Considering these two preamp anyone have a feel for which is best. Any other recommendations
If you can find one get Lamm Industries LL2. It is the 2nd best preamp out there. Period. Lamm L1 is the best pre out there. I have owned most the so called recommended exotic preamps and until recently I never knew how compromised they are compared to the Lamms. If you still want to stay with your picks, choose the Bat. It is sonically superior and more neutral than the SF units. The SF units are good if you have a forward or bright sounding system they are musical but definitely honey colored.
You ask a good question. I have had the opportunity of auditioning both preamps in my system. I currently own a SF Line 2 which is highly rated by many magazines. Considering upgrading, I auditioned the Line 3 and the VK5-i. Both were very satisfying but I leaned more to the BAT. Seemed to be more neutral sounding with very good resolution. I then heard there was a new BAT preamp coming out with a set of previously unknown 'super tubes'. The amp is called the VK50 SE. I had the great fortune of listening to this preamp with a friend who's system I am very familiar with. It has been a long time since I have been blown away by a new or even old vintage piece of gear but I have to say that this is by far the most 'perfect' preamp I've heard. It's resolution has overwhelmed me. There is virtually no background noise and the timbre of each instrument is as if it's being played live in the same room. I won't go into any more 'audiogeek' talk, I'm just putting my money where my mouth is. This preamp is not cheap! I wouldn't expect it to be given its superb musical presentation. I'm saving my pennies (better change that to Franklins) and I'm buying one asap. I'm writing this before the December issue of Stereophile comes out. I understand Johnathan Scull is writing a review of this tubed wonder. I'll bet he loves it...