BAT with Harbeth? Other recommendation..?

Hi everyone:

I'm waiting arrival of Harbeth M30s. I'm pretty much starting over with my system and the only piece I own is an Ayre C5Xe CD player so I'd like to use an amp/pre with balanced inputs. (or integrated amp)

I owned a BAT 51SE at one time and really liked it's performance and build quality but I want to go a little less 'high end' this time.

I'm thinking of the BAT VK220 and BAT VK3ix. I thought about the samller Ayre integrated but it's only available in silver and my Ayre CD is black. (I know, I know, but I'd like to keep the look somewhat the same:)

I thought about Blue Circle but they have @ 8-12 week lead time for equipment to be built. The Harbeth users group says matching an amp is realatively easy but many of the amps I've seen mentioned for Harbeths don't take XLR inputs, so I wanted to ask if any of you have heard Harbeth/BAT and what your thoughts are.

Thanky you!

I had BAT VK600SE and Monitor 30 and the comb was excellent. You don't need 300 watts to drive the Harbeth therefore the VK220 will be just fine. The sound was detailed, transparent and very refined with a touch of warmth.

I really like BAT, but if you're budget mnded consider a PS Audio GCC. Google for reviews. Fabulous sound, differentially balanced, best volume control, and full function remote
2 weeks' ago I heard a friend's system which comprised : Ayre CDP, Blue Circle pre, Sanders ESL Stereo driving the Harbeth SHL5, cabling was Audio Magic. My jaw dropped. It was fast and dynamic and had great tonal accuracy and the images were outside the speaker and room boundaries.
Had owned M30 s for quite sometime. These are a bit warmer sounding speaker.
The Vk55 and the VK75 sounded really good with these. The VK220 i felt was just too warm for my taste.
I heard these speakers as well with accuphase gears, they also sounded awesome!
It's interesting to see the higher watttage ESL and BAT 600SE (mentioned above) as I've also seen many posts from users of low watt SS and tube amps who are very happy.

Nolitan I talked to someone today who said something similar to you and said go with the Bat VK-250. He said you get a lot more amp than just an additional 25WPC. I'm considering that, but it's really a little more than I want to spend to drive the Harbeths.

I haven't heard a class D amp yet and thought I read where someone tried one with Harbeth and didn't really like the synergy. I'd like to hear one someday..

Thank you all for your help and advice.
I noticed that if you put too much juice on the M30s, at higher SPLs they can sound a strident hard.
VK220 would be as most as id go as these speakers while being 86 dbs dont really require that much power to make them sweet & musical.
The pair i sold to end up to a friend who had 30watts tube amp and sounding really good.
Still, if you can swing for a vk75, that would be cool!
Thanks Nolitan. I opted to go with VK220 and VK3iX today. I too felt I don't 'need' any more than 125 watts for the Harbeths. Would like to try a tube amp someday... maybe if I move to a cooler summer climate. Thanks for everyones thoughts!