BAT vs Pass Labs Amp

I have been around audio long enough to know better than to ask "what is a better amp;" however I would like some opinions on wattage. I am hoping to buy a new amp in the next few months and am hooked on tube gear. I'm interested in BAT's VK75 amp or Pass x250 amp. I am using monitor speakers and expect to go back to floor standing speakers when space allows which brings me to my question. Is BAT's 75 watts enough to push any speaker out there or could that be an issue when I change speakers? I've always wanted to own a BAT amp and a Pass amp so I could go either way but don't want to limit my speaker choice when that time comes. This will be the amp that I keep forever (yeah right!!).

Thanks for the help.

Hi, the BAT VK75 is a tube amp with 75wpc. You can buy a second one and have a pair of very good tube monoblocks delivering 150wpc. That should be enough to easily drive most speakers. OTOH, the Pass X250 is a solid state amplifier, and the sound between the two is reported to be quite different. You should run a search on this site, on AA in the amp/preamp forum, and on the respective manufacturer's websites, to find out more about these amps. The BAT VK500 is a much closer match to the Pass, as it is a 250wpc solid state amp with only two gain stages. I currently have one listed for sale.
The short answer is yes, the BAT will limit your speaker choices somewhat, particularly in the amount of current it can pass, or its ability to drive a very difficult load like some electrostats. But if you are talking a 6-8 ohm nominal load with no significant dips, in an average size room, 75 tubes watts should be plenty. But if you have a big room, and/or want to hear full orchestra at live volumes, maybe not. As always, general question gets vague answer. Sorry.
If you are hooked on tubes, that moves the Pass amp out of the equation right off the bat as they are all SS designs. Sean
If U know U R going to change speakers why buy the amp now?
Traditional wisdom is to get the source and speakers right and then worry about synergestic amplification and cabling.
Buying too much amp has its drawbacks just like buying too little (or too warm for the rest of the system, or not warm enough, or etc. etc. etc.).

Other thing, if you are going big tube power you need to listen to the ASL Hurricane and Rogues and the big CJ. The more cost effective options are sometimes also the best sounding options, depending on your system and preferences.
all were helpful answers; thanks very much.
Although the Pass is a solid state amp, the basic layout and design is very similar to a single ended, zero feedback tube amp like the Cary 805's for instance.

I just got the vk-75se (which is supposed to have better bass than vk-75) and I have no experience with the Pass, so maybe this comment isn't relevant.

Two major points about the 75se: astonishingly powerful bass (I unhooked the subwoofer and won't put it back) and how loud it plays (100+ dB with the VK-5i knob at 55, and Piega P-10s hooked to the 4/6 ohm tap).

FYI, another current thread in the amp/pream section compares BAT ss and tubes.

Good luck.
Sean, I'd take a listen to the new Pass Labs X.5 series before I'd dismiss the amps on the basis of their design. No, they will not provide the decay characteristics of the most tube like sounding tube amps, but they are quite comparable to some of the more nuetral sounding tube amps like Audio Research.
Jwin: My comment above was based on the fact that many "bottleheads" won't look sideways at an SS amp, regardless of how good it sounds. The Pass amps are SS and Mdominick specifically stated "am hooked on tube gear". Sean