BAT vs Cary

I purchased on Audiogon a Theta Digital Casanova HT processor, it sounds great for movies. The thing is the remote runs on the same platform/code as my my BAT VK31SE, so I can't use the remote for the Casanova(the BAT controls my mains). So I am thinking of possibly selling the Bat and replacing it with a Cary. I have other Cary in my system cd player(Cd308), phono stage(PH302) and amp(V12). I have not heard any Cary pre-amps, is this a move that I would regret. Is BAT way better than Cary or on the same plane?
Thanks in advance for any input'previous experiences.
I would go with Cary for a few reasons. Component synergy is one. When you stick with one company the components seem to match up real well. The SLP98 and the new SPL05 are really nice tube preamps. The solid state pre's are also really nice. Depending on how much you want to spend. The slp98 is around 2400 but the SLP05 is 7K but is fully balanced and from what Dennis Had (Creater) has said it is his best tube preamp yet. Also Cary stands behind there equipment.

I was at CES this year and did not like the way the BAT folks were treating people. I will be nice and leave it at that.

IMO, BAT and Cary are on totally different planes. Cary favors the coherent/musical camp whereas the BAT is the detail/definition camp. What are your speakers? What do you think of your current setup/sound?
Mark02131 writes:
I was at CES this year and did not like the way the BAT folks were treating people. I will be nice and leave it at that.
I have always found Geoff, Viktor and Steve to be friendly and accomodating. At CES, I spent 30 minutes talking to Geoff at the John Sebastian concert and we covered a wide range of topics. He's urbane, funny and well educated. In the BAT room, Geoff did a great DJ job and encouraged attendees to play their own tracks. Viktor can be a little intimidating at times, but he's really a pussy cat. Steve is an all-round nice fellow.

I am somewhat biased as I do own a BAT preamp, and want the company to do well, but I'm sorry you had a bad experience, and will just say that this is not the norm.

The comments made above about synergy make some sense; the implication by the first responder that BAT equipment is not musical makes no sense.

My speakers are Vienna Acoustics Beethoven Grands.

Thanks for your responses

I'll second the SLP-98. It is a great preamp and I was running mine with a V12i, an excellent combination. They come up used every so often for around $1800. They usually get snapped up pretty quickly though.
I would talk to BAT and Theta to see if the frequency can be changed.

I've owned the SLP 98, BAT 31SE, and BAT 51SE. All are wonderful and very different. The 51SE is spectacular but at a much higher pricing point. The 98 is a great preamp for the money, and I've owned it twice!

I've also worked with both Cary and BAT customer service and both are at the top of the heap for audio companies. BAT really went out of its way on a problem i had in shipping a preamp I sold. Highly recommend them.
I have already contacted both companies, I am on my own on this one. One of them will have to go, I need to decide which one.
"Cary favors the coherent/musical camp whereas the BAT is the detail/definition camp."

Hah? He said BAT, not CAT! Other than a softening of the upper frequencies, the 31SE (I owned one for 2 years) is very tonally coherent and musical in its portrayal of space and decays. It is not at all one of the more detailed line stages out there however. The CAT Ultimate for example leaves the BAT in the dust in this regard.

If you like the 31SE, I would look into the possibility suggested by Keithr.

OK, if I decide to keep the BAT what would be comparable to the Casanova? I am only using it for movies, no video switching. I know this is the wrong forum, but what are you 'Goner's using?
I just purchased the Cary SLP98 F1 hot rod pre-amp from Kevin Deal. It is an awesome piece. Tons of detail, huge soundstage. Round warm tones. Very nice.
I just got off the phone with Kevin at Upscale and worked out a deal(punn intended)for Aa Cary SLP98F1. I am going to keep the Theta Casanova. Looking forward to my new toy.
Thanks for all your input
You've done the right thing. The F1 is splendid. Enjoy...
You made the right choice!