Kindly give your opinion on this amp, preferably comparing it to say a CJ MV-60 or an Audio Research VS-55. TIA.

The BAT VK-55 has much better transformers than the CJ MV-60 or the Audio Research VS-55. This is why, I assume, the BAT VK-55 is almost $1000 more than either of them. The BAT VK-55, in my system directly compared the new 55 watt basic Audio Research amp and from experience listening to the Conrad Johnson MV-60 at an authorized dealer through different speakers than mine, had better bass response and definition than either of the other amplifiers. The Conrad Johnson was the most laid back in its presentation, and I would say that the BAT was the most dynamic. I am sure that a higher power Audio Research tube amplifier that is in the same price point as the BAT would be as, if not more, dynamic.

Of the three that you mention I would say that the BAT is the better amplifier, but it is not a fair fight because the BAT is a more expensive amplifier.