BAT VKD5SE problems reading some cds

Has anyone had problems with the BAT not wanting to read certain cds (usually older or burned).
Not BAT, but my EAR will not read WMA files, so I know that not every player reads every format.  If it works with normal commercial CDs, I think you're OK.  
Many years ago my BAT VK-D5 player would not read some commercial compact disks but was able to read other disks okay.  There  was nothing I could do to fix it so I contacted BAT.  Unfortunately, I was told my transport mechanism was not working and my BAT VK-D5 player was out of warranty.  I returned the player to BAT for a new transport and they also installed new tubes.

When the unit was being repaired at BAT, I did some research and discover that others were also having similar problems with the BAT transport.  The player  worked fine when it was returned but I decided to sell it.   I informed the new buyer of the new transport and reduced the price for a quick sale.   

I do not know why your player will not read certain disks so I suggest you contact BAT for assistance.   Will another player play your older or burned disks okay?   If not, then the problem is with the disks and not the BAT player.  


Most probably the laser getting tired, the VK-D5se uses a Phillips Vam12 laser, find out on google if it’s interchangable with any of the other Vam ones, as they are all very cheap to pickup on ebay, even the whole mechanisim with laser, just a plug and 4 bolts and your done.
And looking at the inside if your handy, it’s not very hard to do yourself, look at some youtube vids how to change Philips vam12.

Cheers George
" Not BAT, but my EAR will not read WMA files, so I know that not every player reads every format.  If it works with normal commercial CDs, I think you're OK. "

No Redbook only player will play WMA files. CD is the only compatible format.

Until you get the issue resolved, take a problem CD and copy it. If the copy doesn't work, Rip the CD and then burn the ripped files to a cdr.

If you do the above, you should get at least some of them to work.
Thanks for the responses.
I do not own the BAT player yet.
It is one I am considering buying for a good price.
The seller informed me of this problem and I am trying to decide if it is a deal breaker.
Call BAT and see how much a new transport costs. If none of the connections are soldiered, you shouldn't have any problems installing it yourself.
If none of the connections are soldiered
Always a plug on Philips VAM series lasers which this unit has. Some have a protective static solder blob that bridges across two tracks that need to be unbridged after it’s installed, this is easy.
As for sending it to BAT, that fine if you don’t mind being hit hard for the work and parts mark up. As you can see with the ebay link I posted, the whole mechanism with laser already in it is around $15-$30 and it takes about 1/2hr do the job. 1hr if you not experienced but have some skill set.

Cheers George
Keep us posted -srgarrell.

provide us w/ an update?
Anybody know where the fuse is located on the BAT vkd5se? The manual states there is one but I do not see any fuse?
Thank you,
@greg22lz -  If you're still out there: look between the IEC socket and ON/OFF switch, for a small swing-down door.  You'll find a couple 2A/250V fuses in there.