BAT VKD5 or Wadia 830

I am looking to replace my cd player. I am running a BATVK75SE amp and a BAT VK50SE preamp. All Cardas Golden Reference interconnects,. Acoustic Zen Hologram speaker cable. I was going to purchase the BAT, but have heard so much about the Wadia. Thanks in advance for any and all imput!
BAT vkd5 is a great player. Its smooth and liquid with a midrange that is o so sweet. For me though, I felt that its dynamic range was somewhat limited in the highs. I like as much of the full dynamic range as possible.

I instead eventually bought the Wadia 861. I enjoy the clarity an smoothness the combo of Wadia and BAT give me.

I think the detail of the Wadia would be a better balance.

Just my 2 cents!

My system:
B&W 801s
vk 1000s
Wadia 861 (currently being modified
with Steve Huntley at great Northern Sound)
tara labs air one speaker cables
tara labs the one ic's
Having owned the 830, VKD5 and now a VKD5SE I can say that the standard D5 has a much airier and less SS sound than the Wadia 830, which is a great player as well. I found that even though the Wadia will fly without a preamp, the digital attenuation still degrades the sound. The 830 with my BAT VK50SE was much better the the 830 on it's own.

Happy Hunting!

I also like the BAT VKD5...but the Wadia's just do it for me. Yes the detail, tonal qualities, balance and pure musicality of Wadia CDP's are outstanding. Started with the 830 and currently own an 860x. Both are great players so it would be best to audition both if possible.
I picked a BAT VKD5 over the Wadia 850 (and 6 other contenders). Was able to spend a weekend with both of them in my system and kept going back to the BAT for it's naturalness and musicality. The 850 did have it's strengths however. As far as the Wadia 830 was concerned I dismissed it in less than 5 minutes in the showroom.

You have superb Pre & Amp, don't make a mistake by going with less of a front end. I think you really need to home demo the BAT VKD5 or 5SE and the Wadia 860x or 861. They will all be good contenders but one should prove to be a favorite.
I have a D5SE along with 30SE and vk60. I went from theta (DBII + BasicIIIa + MIT reference cable)to BAT. The BAT has a tube smoothness that's very different from ss. No real experience w/the new Wadia's.
BAT + Cardas can benefit from some solid state edge. I sometimes miss a bit of the Theta solid state balance, though there's a lot to be said for BAT synergy.
Careful auditioning is a must here so that you get the sound balance you desire.

When obtaining anyone's opinion on Wadia CDPs, make sure to find out if they were using the balanced or unbalanced output of the unit. The Wadias use a fully differential balanced design and are at their best with balanced gear and connections.