Bat vk75se

There seems to be a few good deals on these amps right now. Im looking for amplification on my B&W 800N, questions are vertical bi-amp with a pair or just convert to 150se, more important regardless of configuration will they have the balls to drive the 800's? Pre will be vk51se, mbl digital, and au24's all around. Thanks, John
I owned the 75se and the 150se. I can't exactly put it in words but, I much preferred the 150se. I would go with the 150se and bi-wire.
I see you have a MC-2000. Have you tried that on the 800N? I am not sure the BATs are better than the Mac.
I did try the MC2000 and felt the 800's were starved for power on the lower end. Would like an amp that can drive the bass at lower dbs without blasting the mids and highs to an uncomfortable level....anyone ever bi-amp a pair of 150se's? 4 large chasis sounds extravagant but at under 4000.00 an amp here on Audiogon, very doable.
I am sure bi-amping four VK-150SEs will work very well. You can also connect two VK-150SEs together and make a 300W mono on each side. The only problems are electric power and heat. These BATs run really hot and draws 500W at idle and 1000W at full power. So four of them will draw over 18A current on 110V line at idle. You will need at least two preferably four 20A dedicated circuits to power them.
Working on that with a local electrician and picking up some Hubbel outlets. 18amps, wow...have 2 freezers at work going in the same line that only draw 9amps. Wouldnt 2 dedicated lines drawing 9amps apiece be enough? Thanks, John