BAT VK75 / VK75SE Question

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Just this week i ordered a BAT VK51SE and the VK-P10SE phono to go with it ! although I have never listened to these BAT amps, i am utterly confident.
In the near future i will buy the VK-D5SE Cd player as well.
The VK-75 poweramps are a fine match to this family, BUT what is the trick with the VK-75 against the VK-75SE ?

As you may noticed the VK-75SE has a substancial price hike against the 6SN7 based VK-75.
Should I buy a pair of VK-75's or should i buy a stereo VK-75SE ? ( and later buy the second one )
Mind you that my recources are now limited to either two monoblock VK-75 or one VK-75SE.

Is the VK-75SE so much better ?
the 6SN7 tubes seem to be more than up to task.
anyone who had a VK-75 or VK-60 stereo amp and got a second amp later ? what's your experience ?

thanx a lot for any relevant info !
O mind you I got brand new Genesis 501 speakers which are relatively easy on amps since the bass is servo driven.
kind regards and keep the vinyl spinning.
I went from the 75 to the 75se and there is a big
difference in sound. The 75 is much more laid back.
The 75se has better bass and more extended top end.
Get the 75SE. Unless you really need the power now (bridged monoblock VK75 = 150w/channel), the 75SE will sound better. You can later get a second 75SE, along with the easy to install internal kit for monoblocking.
Hello Tuboo,

The 75se is worth the extra money in my opinion. As Rgurney suggested, you can always add a second one down the road if you want the extra power.
By the way, BAT besides making "fantastic" sounding gear is also one of the best companies to deal with. Great people and products!

Good luck,

I'll echo all the comments above. I went from a VK60 to a vk75se, it's a huge difference in the bass, the highs, detail etc. The whole input section is different, not just 6sn7 vs 6h30.

It's easily heard. Get the 75se now. You may not want another on on your 501's
the SE is a SERIOUS step up

Thank you guys, the votes seem to be all for the VK-75SE version..
ofcourse I will follow any more comments on this topic, but for now I cannot do anything else than order the 75SE.
the comments are too sure about that !

any comments concerning the vk-75Se is more than welcome.

kind regards and keep the vinyl spinning !
ron, the netherlands
Buy a sound anchor stand for it (the 75se)! I was amazed by the improvement. Also, BAT equip loves dedicated 20 amp outlets, and good power cords. I use FIM GOLD, Kimber Palladian 10 and Tran Ref XL. Fim on my vk75se, kimber on the 51se, and trans on the p10se. I think I'd go for a kimber and replace the fim or trans. All are good though. The P10SE is very sensitive to better 6922 type tube on the middle two positions. I'm using Apererex 7308's. For $150/pr it's a big step up in quietness, detail and imaging. It's ok to keep the stock tubes everywhere else I think. Not as a big of a diff. I've tried!

FYI, the phono and pre like good support, like symposium or similar. Good luck
I have my VK150SE amps sitting on Symposium Accoustics Ultra Platforms, with Virtual Dynamics Nite II power cords.
I have my 75SE sitting on a 300+ lb granite that came from a $2M+ semiconductor metrology tool. Dimension is perfect for the amp, about 2" wider all around and 4" thick. Has an oval cut off in the center, but can't be seen when amp is on top. Compare to Billy Bag amp stand, the granite sounds a lot quieter with better bass and imaging.

True, you can't buy those granite from your local store, but I am in the mood to tease :)

Best part is it's free, just need a lot of elbow grease to get it home.