BAT VK75 Tube placement?

I have a BAT VK75 amp and I am aboat to changed tubes and wonder if anybody can tell me how to place the 6SN7 tubes. I have EH "Gold" in the amp now but I have purchased some RCA NOS and wonder if its any differece to place the best tubes in front row (2 tubes), or in the back row (6 tubes)?
Is there any use in use different 6SN7 in the amp?
And last question, where to place "mathed" tubes? One on each side, or both matched tubes on the same side?

Victor wrote me that all six 6SN7s perform the same function and close matching is unnecessary. These tubes take 600V at start-up, which may be a problem for some types. I'm not much into NOS tubes; IME Tung Sol reissues surpass EH. The unit can be decisively improved with lite modding-- which I recommend over investment in NOS tubes.
Thanks for the info. I have read somewhere that it was the first two tubes that had the most inpact to foe the sound. But if Victor says so I belive that!In a while I will have 3 sets og tubes to try out, so its will be fun to see if I find any differece!
I forgot that non -SE version uses two 6SN7 in lieu of 6H30 in input stage(first row.) That is where you should hear the greatest difference with your NOS tubes.
Oh yea. Thanks! I gona try that!
Hi Jack,

How does the BAT VK75 sound? I have been looking for one.
What speaker do you partner with?

I have only played the VK75 for a few days before one of the 6C33 tubes get busted so its difficult to be too spesific. Compared to my ARC VT100MkIII I feel that the VK75 has more "speed", is more dynamic maybe better bass. The VT100 had a "bigger" sound, wider og with more depth.
But I really think the VK75 is a wonderfull amp, and I hope it get better with new og better tubes!
Oh, I forgot speakers! I use Von Swcheikert VR4SR
If you want the soundstage to open up, replace the 4 caps on the botton of the amp with V-caps .22uf 600v TFTF. Dave Garretson recommended I try the v-caps when I first bought the and he was right. They are fantastic.