BAT VK60 Tube Rolling

Hi all,

Can someone share their experience 6SN7 tubes (Tung Sol 6SN7GT, GTB, Saylania 6SN7GT and Raytheon GTB ? in VK60 in terms of the following :

Detail resolution
Mid range lusty
Bass response
HF and LF extension
level 3D imaging

Many thanks in advance..
I used to own a vk 60. (now a vk75SE) I can't specifically answer your detailed question. I can say the front two input tubes (the 6sn7's alone vs in the row of 6) are by far the most critical and will give you 70-80% of the sound change vs changing all 8 6sn7's.

Try expirimenting with those front 2 input tubes at first. I liked the RCA 5691's.

Also, when the amp is cool, pull the tubes, clean the contacts, sand the tube pins with 400-600 grit paper, clean the tubes pins, and reinsert. Nice performance gain for next to no $$'s.

Good luck, that's a GREAT amp !