bat vk60 stereo vs monoblocks...

Who has heard the difference between a Stereo vk-60 and the monoblock version? I don't really need anything to get louder, bet better I am after. Any experiences? Also, anyone tried the SE upgrade to a vk60 yet?
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I upgraded from the vk60 stereo to vk60 monoblocks earlier this year.What I noticed was more & tighter bass.Also more (is the only way I can describe it)of what the stereo amp provides, musical, soundstage, ect. The SE upgrade is about $2500 p/amp, so I don't see that happening soon.I think I'd get a better band for the buck upgrading my pre-amp.
I recently purchased the VK150se monoblocks. I did a lot of checking around and there are quite a few comments from BAT VK60 users who have upgraded their stereo versions to monoblocks on the website. Go to amplifiers section and click on B for BAT. Good luck. I repalced my Pass Aleph 2s with the VK150se and they blow them away.
Only recommended if your speaker needs that kind of power. However, the soundstage is little wider and more 'steady' with the monoblock.
VK 60 Monos (a/k/a VK 120) provide complete separation of stereo signal which provides for a awesome pahantom image in the center. Also, the SE upgrade, although expensiver does make a difference.
Hi Jfrech, You should try to audition both in your own system so you can reach your own conclusion. I can tell you that I'm hearing wonderful things about the new SE amps from BAT including the SE upgrade for the 60 although I haven't heard them myself as of yet. I have heard the same system with a stereo 60 and mono 60's and can tell you it's not just a matter of playing louder. Yes the mono's will play a little louder but there is many other sonic benifits. For one the soundstage will increase in size with more air and the images will solidify with greater focus. Bass will be much improved as the mono amp will have greater control over the woofer adding extension and slam to the bottom octaves. Transients will be much quicker with a greater jump factor as the sound will have greater conviction, authority, and ease. Timbre and texture of tone be it instrument or voice will have more refinement and sound more "there". You could make a parallel to athletes where they both do the the same task but the one that is better just makes it look so much easier and natural. The beauty of the BAT design beside that they sound great is that the future is there for improvement as your audio budget increases. The upgrade path from stereo to mono and their SE counterparts be it a 60 or 75 lay ahead if you wish. One guy I heard of had VK 1000's for the bass and 4 VK60's for the mid and highs on a pair of Dunlavys. Wish you all the best. Tom