BAT VK60 or Conrad Johnson MV60?

I'm using a CJ MV50 right now, and love the sound, but I'm looking for a little more on the low end. I also believe it to be the 'weak link' in my system, so I think it's time to look at a new amp. I want to keep tubes in the mix because of my other business. ( so I've narrowed it down to a BAT vk60 or a Conrad Johnson MV60.

My other components are a Pass Labs X1 Preamp, Wadia 850 w/GNSC Statement Mod, ProAc Response 2 speakers, ZuCable Varial ICs and Mother PCs.

Any other recommendations in the $2,000ish neighborhood would be welcomed.
i would go with the is one of THE BEST tube amps i have heard at any price (dont get me wrong, the cj is nice).

You can also add another one one and run mono at a latter point and upgrades are available.

hope that helps.

Yeah, that's what I've been thinking. The addition of the ballanced input would let me run the Wadia right into it...which would be cool...