BAT-VK60 or Art Audio Jota --mono amps?

What do ya think? Verity Audio Parsifal Encore speakers. Do the Jota monos have enough to drive them--rated at 20 watts.I know the VK-60's have plenty. I am using a BAT VK-50SE preamp and Siltech interconnects. I have heard great things about the Jotas. Any imput would be great, thanks to all who respond.
You're right VK60(are just about enough) and Art Audio are not.
I don't think 20 watts will do, I have a local audiophile friend who has the parsifal encore with a 75watt tube monoblock amp(tenor) and it just isn't enough power. He loves the sound of the amp, so he is looking for speakers as we speak. I have a BAT VK-60 and enjoy it very much, I don't think I would use any other tube aside of OTL's of course, which would be my suggestion for you is to check out Tenor(may be a little too pricey but a great amp) or Atma-sphere.

I have heard both amps; the VK-60 extensively and in my system and the Jotas at the CES. The Jota monos are significantly more expensive-$5K or more used vs. $2K used for the VK-60. Therefore, comparing the two amps may not be fair.

Having said that, the Jotas are, being a SET, better in creating 3D images, but only if used with fairly sensitive speakers with a benign impedence. I have never heard the Parsifals before so I cannot comment as to whether or not it would be a good match. The VK-60 is a powerhouse at its 60 watt rating and can drive almost anything, including Maggie 1.6qrs. The sound is dynamic and lively with excellent bass. Since you already have a BAT preamp you can go balanced straight into the VK-60 and not have to use the single ended adapters which degrade the sound. And if the Parsifals are less than 90db efficient, the VK-60 would be the better, if not more economic, choice.
If you are concidering spending 4-5 thou, why not get two VK-60's in mono. Much better than the stereo version I have been told. I just bought a pair and I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with them.
I understand that the author is realy talking about a pair of VK60 as monos already. Parcifals don't have a stable impedance so cannot be driven by SET amp.
IMHO VK60 mono would be a better match.
How about used stereo BAT VK-75SE?
You can find used/demo one for slightly over 5K
It's a great match to your preamp and should be enough to drive these speakers.
Later if you feel that you absolutely need monoblocks, you can add another and convert them into 150SE
Thanks to everyone for there time and expertise it really helps.
I own the Parsifal Encores and run them currently with a VAC Renaissance 30-30 MkIII amp. They make a wonderful combination, even though the VAC is "only" 32 watts per channel. What is missing in this discussion about the Verities is the need for high current. Yes, they like some power, but they need high current to play to their maximum capability. The impedance of the speaker is relatively steady and the sensitivity is 88-89. A pair of well matched Jotas will do very, very well. Joe Fratus will match his Jota transformers with enough current to drive the Verities. I have not heard the BAT-VK60, but I know the Jota monoblocks will do the job. The AirTight ATM-2 is also very synergistic with them as are the Nagra monoblocks. Above all, listen to these speakers; they make magic!