BAT VK60 mono's/what speakers?

I have auditioned a pair of the bats with B&WN804's good sound alot of detail... But I am wandering what some of the other pairings sound like..looking more on the musical side...
The Advantgarde UNOs, about $10000, list will make the instruments sound like they are in your room. Efficiency is so high, only one VK60 is needed. I have this combination and the VK50SE pre. Sound is unbeatable except for the larger Advantgarde speakers. Hope you can audition these. Let me know if you need additional information. Chuck
You want music? Buy a pair of Vandersteens to go with the BAT! Either the 3a Signature or, if budget allows, the Model 5's!!
I looked at the avantgarde's and though it was natural on the highs and the mids the bass was severly lacking, unless you go to the 40K model. But for 9K my pick is the Dunlavy SC4A, I running 1 vk60 on my pair in a small room and it's loud enough. It's like listening to all my old albums and CD's for the first time.