Any feedback would help. I own the LS5mkIII. I am ready to move on. I have listened to the VK5se at a shop, but its imposible to figure out what long listening sessions will be like.
If this may help.... I had an ARC SP-11 for quite a while. I demo'd Levinson 32, ARC Ref1 (ref1 for two week demo) VK30, VK50, and VK50SE. I bought the VK50SE. Can you get your dealer to let you take the VK5SE home for a weekend? Ask!!!!
Hi Jrud, I just wanted to suggest another way for you to go with this. Buy a VK50 and down the road when you can have it upgraded to the VK50se. IMO the VK50se is about as good as it gets! Best of luck, Tom