BAT VK55 vs VK 60

the 60 appears to be an older model (95?) vs the newer 55. Is the 55 an improvement in sound, notwithstanding its slightly lower power? is it worth the extra $500 or so?

Also, I'll be running it with a Shindo preamp, which is single ended. So is this a waste since the BAT is engineered to be balanced and this is their raison detre. I've heard that it may be a bit noisier or have hum in SE mode.

The 60 is basically the same as the 75. the 55 is a cheaper/smaller version, that makes several compromises in design (and thus sonics). the 60 is a screaming bargain @ the asking prices, currently.

they work fine single-ended, should be no extra hum/noise

Hello Mikey,

I just wanted to let you know that Victor once told me he actually was a able to squeeze a little more power out of the VK-55 over the VK-75. Just a more efficient reworking of the circuit design would be my guess.

I never had a chance to compare the VK-55 to the VK-60. Total agreement with Ed, the VK-60 at used prices is a down right steal!

Good luck,
Tom, if Victor can squeeze more power out of a smaller, lighter VK-55 than the larger, heavier VK-75, the only answer physically would be to lower the bias. Perhaps the VK-55 does not run in triode, I can't say, but physics is physics.
I also agree that the VK-60's are a flat out steal at their used prices. If you have the space, I'd go for the VK-60.

Ed, while there more similarities than differences between VK60 and VK75, the VK75 has an additional PCB for power regulation that improves performance.