BAT VK50SE Preamp w/ DCS Purcell and Delius Match

Is the Bat VK50SE Preamp a good match for the DCS Purcell and Delius Dac? The other combination I am interested in is the Wadia 270 and the 27ix units to go with the Bat.
My amps may be the Bat VK1000 Mono's.
Has anyone tried this combination?
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I have a Wadia 270/27ix combo that I use with a BAT VK 50SE preamp and BAT VK 150 SE power amps.

I am quite happy with this set up although I may be tempted to change power amps in order to acheive a better match to drive my Dunlavy SC-VI's.

I never compared my set up to the DCS units so I couldn't comment on any differences.
I heard this combination. Best CD based system I have ever heard.
Illusion: Can you describe the other components in your system? What speakers and cables are you using?
John - would you please tell us what power amps, speakers and cables were used in the system you heard with the BAT/DCS components.
Avnut...My system consists of the ESP Concert Grands Speakers, Esoteric P2S transport highly modified by Great Northern Sound,the new Siltech G5 interconnects and speaker cables and the Bat VK1000 monoblocks.
I own a Wadia 861. For a while I ran the 861 direct to the
amps with very interesting results. The sound was clear and detailed without being too cold. Adding a King Cobra to the Wadia will smooth things out quite a bit. I eventually could not resist buying the vk50se. Overall I prefer the preamp in the chain. But it is sometimes still fun to run it direct for the best in separation and tranparency.
The vk50SE drove the vk150SE monoblocks and wilson watt/puppy (6's?). Overall the best sounding cd system I have ever heard. The 50SE is a very special piece. I heard one in my tube system and couldn't believe the improvement (using a vt100).

What are the differences between using the VK50SE and the 861 directly into the amps? I also have a Wadia cd plyer and I am considering the VK50SE next year.
Thank you.