BAT VK50SE and Levinson 333, 336 anyone?

System currently BAT VK50SE, BAT VK-D5 CD, Levinson ML3 amp, Aerial 10T. QuattroFil between CD and pre, Transparent MusicLink SuperXL to amp, Transparent MusicWave Ultra Speaker cable. I also have a pair of Classe M-1000 monoblocks however they don't work with the VK50SE as well as they did with the ARC SP-11 I had previous. Anyone using Levinson 333 or the new 336 in a similar system? I'm looking for amp recommendations. Bring it on! Thanks!
Beemer; Wow what a system. I'm using BAT VK-30 and Aerial 10Ts, Audio Magic SpellcasterII ICs, CAL CL-15. I bought the BAT VK-200 amp and I'm really happy with it. Also heard my system with Levinson 331 and with 33H's way back - very nice indeed. Yet I'm happy with the BAT, which has a LOT more current than the power rating would suggest. Heard great things about the Plinius SA100 III too. In the end I was so pleased with BAT the company and VK the philosopher/designer that I felt I couldn't go wrong. T'was right for me; also as a value play. Hey, with the VK-D5 and VK-50SE, you might wind up going all BAT. But you can't take much away from the ML amps. Good luck.
Beemer, another BTW. A dealer friend I know who has run this combo for sure is Ensemble Audio in Nashua NH. Ask for Mark Osdoba. A great guy - he personally owns 10Ts and Levinson as a combo. Very knowledgable and fair.
I should add that when I do not buy used, I buy new from Mark. So for those high end aficianodos in NH who also support GOOD dealers, Ensemble is one of those. In fact, I'm thinking of the next turntable/delicate tonearm being an instrument that will come new, rather than bouncing around the UPS truck etc etc. End of happy customer testimonial plug.
Hey Michaelm: I'm local to you. I am very familiar with Ensemble in Nashua. Shoot me an email at and we'll talk further. beemer