BAT VK500 w/Bat-Pak powering Kappa 9's

Looking for some advice please....
To start, I confess I am not a pro audiophile.
Hopefully someone will be kind enough to help me answer some questions.

I am in-process of upgrading from some Rotel gear to some higher end (used) more powerful gear.
I have a BAT VK-500 w/ Bat Pak (recently purchased) and I am considering using to drive some Kappa 9's (that are in excellent shape with refoamed woofers).
1. I am using my Rotel pre amp
2. Will this BAT VK500 amp adequately drive the Kappas?
3. Can I bi amp with a Rotel 200 WPC amp or must I use another BAT amp to bi amp?
Any input greatly appreciated!