Bat VK500 SS Amp and Cary 306 direct?

I would like to get your opinion(s) on this? I just bought a brand new Bat Vk500 and is thinking of purchasing a CD player that would connect directly to it. Is this a good idea? Any suggestion of a brand of a player will also be appreciated.
My system:
Tyler Accoustics (Linbrook) speakers
Toshiba SD 9200 (dvd)
Onkyo (receiver - needs to go)
NBS interconnects and Oracle V2 (speaker cables)
BAT VK500 (SS Amp)
I'm thinking of purchasing a BAT VK30SE (tube preamp) but read a thread on directly connecting the CD to Amp and thought I'd better pose this before taking the plunge. I'm a novice at best on this and would like to get help from the experts. I would like to spend between $2k to 5k. Thanks in advance.
Mark Levinson 39 or 390 is the best for what you want to do. There arent many players that do the volume control correctly for that type of application but levinson really does a great job. Also Wadia Does a good job but IMO Levinsons cd players are much smoother sounding and that is partially because they use an anologe volume control. good luck
Also worth looking into are the Accuphase units(DP-75v and Dp-85), Resolution Audio CD-55 and Audio Aero Capitole. This has been covered many times before and me mixing two of the brands I just did will most likely lead to controversy, though I am sure you couldn't have known about that when you posted this question.

Hey audiogon where is the FAQ section??

Hey Ligabry,

I have a VK-500 and drive it with a balanced Theta Miles. I think this is a great combo. Much better detail than when using a preamp on my system. I haven't listened to to the Cary, Levinson, Wadia, Accuphase or Capitole players.

The BAT VK30SE is a world class pre amp.I would prefer to use a pre-amp whenever possible.Extra voltage swing will give much greater dynamic contrasts,more vivid and lifelike suondstage.Most cd players with variable output have a op-amp linestage and a very poor volume pot.This means they sound grainy and really do not present lifelike contrasts.I have heard the Krell KPS25 cd-pre-amp single box and its spectacular! Of course it is 25K.I would really recommend the BAT VK30SE, it hit my hot button!