BAT VK5 Tube Preamp - Help...

Looking for thoughts, comments or suggestions on this unit. What is the sonic characteristic of this preamp specifically highs, mids and low end. Are there any issues with the older VK5? What is the best tubes to use with them. Thanks
Haven't heard the vk5, but have owned the 5i and now 5se. Strength is liquid midrange, smooth highs and imaging. Weakness of the vk5i relative to the 5se is the bass tightness. BAT had a series of circuit board upgrades with the 5i. My impression that each probably improved transparency. A new set of any tubes can make a big difference. Best tubes are Tungsol 5881 and Amperex gp 7308's, all of which are pricey. Try to audition....
I've owned the VK5, VK5i, VK30, and VK30SE. The original VK5 doesn't give up much, if anything at all to the VK5i, or any of the BAT preamps. Recently observed a used VK5 for sale @ $975. If this is the reason your interest in one has peaked, I'd grab it quick before it's gone...that's a give away if I ever saw one.

Hi Daniel, I'm surprised that Coltrane didn't think going from a VK5 to a VK5i was a big improvement. I thought it was a substantial upgrade. I don't know if BAT still offers an upgrade from the 5 to the 5i but it might be wise to try to find out first before you buy the 5. Good luck! Tom