bat vk3i best tubes

i have had a vk3i for about a year. it came with 2 sets of tubes. the old owner replace the orginal tubes with nos tubes from a store in nyc. i am looking to purchase all new tubes, since i am not positive about the age of the old ones.i listen to jazz 90% of the time. where do i go? what tubes do i look for. thanks, ralph
Ralph- I've used a variety, so far I like the Amperex 6922 PQ best. I'm waiting for a quad of used CCa's which should arrive this week. I've also have some of the Russian 6H3Ps that were pretty nice, and I had no complaints with some NOS Phillips JAN 6922s that were pretty cheap (I think about $6 on ebay. Anyone with thoughts on the 6V6s, please chime in.
I just replaced the 6v6s with a (French Military) Mazda.