BAT VK31SE and the VK55

Can anyone tell me if the 31SE preampm will marry up with the 55 amp. Is this apples to apples?
or even the BAT VK-5 preamp?
Yes it mates well with the VK5i. The 55 is a wonderful amp.
I think any preamp above the 5i will mate up well. I wouldn't bother with the VK5 because the 5i was an upgrade. I had the 5i at two different times and really liked it. I borrowed a buddies VK-55 for about 3 months and absolutely loved it. Stereophile did a review on the 55 and VK3ix and gave it a very good review. I haven't heard the 3ix but I am sure its a good one.
I had a VK30 preamp hooked up to a VK500 amp and it was absolutely fantastic. Due to lifestyle changes I switched over to a VK300xSE integrated, a fine preamp/amp but not as good as the BAT seperates.
I picked up a VK-60 amp and a VK-31SE preamp. I will using my EAR 88PB. Any thoughts? Now I need racks to accomodate two tt's. That could be an expensive proposition.
I don't think the 60 is as neutral as the 55 from what I hear but thats not necessarily a bad thing. I believe the 75 evolved from the 60. Goodluck with the rack and enjoy your new purchase :)
For what it's worth, Dgarretson and I have modified our VK amps (he has a VK-75SE and I have VK-120 monoblocks) extensively. The VK-120s are excellent stock, but a few modifications transform them into amps I'd put up against monos costing $25k a joke. If you wanna hear the details of the mods, let me know....
I have the VK-31SE & VK-55 combo and think it is outstanding.