BAT VK31 owner where are you?

Recently, I just bough a used Bat VK31 from another A'goner. It came with 6 Russia 6h23n tubes in it. The sound came out ok but would love to know what other tubes out there would made this pre sound better and where I can I find it. So far, I did contact Bret Jesse and he recommend me to look at some of the NOS 6ns7 from his website. What are your though? All recommend and suggestion would be highly appreciated. Thanks
Hi. FWIW, i have been buying tubes from Brent Jessee for years, and he is great. His descriptions proved to be accurate, and i have enjoyed learning from him as i have bought tubes in different pieces of equipment over the years. Good luck.
BJ was very helpfull. I am only tried to see what other VK31 owners said about their tubes rolling experience like what they like and dislike about their tubes that currently in their preamp. Thanks
The VK 31 uses six 6922's. That preamp does not use a 6SN7. Having said that I recommend the Amperex orange globe 7308, Holland made tubes. They exhibit great balance top to bottom. I owned the 31 for several years and for a mid priced 6922 the Mitsushita proved to be a great mid priced tube. Palpable bass and slightly rolled off on top.
Joman, I am looking at the "bugle boy" , now. What do you think? I also like those amperex 6922 pq white lable, too but they are too expensive.
Hi Anuts,

I agree...i have the amperex 6922 pq white label (and 7308)...incredible!
Audionuts, the white labels are on par with the Orange globe. I liked them as well. The expense was prohibitive for me. The Bugle Boys are a nice tube but I never rolled them into the 31. When I plugged the 7308 Orange Globes in I never changed.
I put my eyes on those amperex 6922 and 7308 now. The only down side of this preamplifier is I have to change 6 tubes at once and it is quiet expensive. Time to save some money now.