BAT VK30SE with SS Amp?

how is that combination?
Awesome, sounds terrific with both my Classe DR8 and BATVK500 amps.
I run VK50SE into Levinson 33H monos with excellent results.
Actually feel no need to change a thing, and THAT'S a GREAT feeling!

I tried the vk30Se in my system which was Pass aleph 2's with the aleph P preamp, nordost red dawn & tranparent ref cabling, and virgo speakers. It really didn't work as well for the aleph 2's as the aleph P preamp. It took away a little resolution & but gave back a little tube magic. It was close enough to call it a draw. We swapped in the vt100m2 with the aleph P preamp. Sounds nice. Lastly, we we put in the VK30SE with the vt100m2. Un@#%#!@able improvement. The best sound I had ever heard in my room. The textures came out shimmering. The image was so three dimensional you felt you could get up and walk around it. The VK30SE seemed to really come into it's own with the tubed amplifier.
The VK-30SE is amazing with most solid state amps. It is dead quiet and wonderful to listen to.

If you are looking for a great dealer, who will take care of you, call Jim at (425) 454-2279. He is great to deal with. Really treats me well. Tell him Jonathan says hello.

BTW, Which amp are you using?
I AM WONDERING WHAT ANYONE CAN TELL ME ABOOUT THE FOLLOWING COMBO. wadia 861 cd, bat 30se or 50se, pass x600, b&w801 nautilus. most importantly, i would like to know if the pass amp and the bat pre wold match up. any thoughts?