I leave on Azores/Portugal.
Please anyone could help me to decide which preamp I buy a BAT VK30SE or HOVLAND HP-100?
My amp is a KRELL FPB200c
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I have no experience with the Hovland but I would be very careful with the VK-30SE. This has a very rolled-off top end. The 31SE upgrade, which was $1100 back in 2002/2003, was a significant improvement in this regard to this unit. Harmonic overtones were greatly diminished in the 30SE. I started with the 30SE but only with the intention to upgrade it to the 31SE. Without this upgrade, I would never have gone this way.

I owned the 31SE for two years and thought very highly of this but it still has a little bit of a soft treble delivery. So this is more suitable with a system that is a little bit on the "additive" side of treble neutrality. With a solid state amp, the 31SE could very well be a great match.

The 31SE, as did the 30SE, renders the bottom octave very well for a tube preamp. And with the 30SE to 31SE conversion, there is a very nice rendering of midrange bloom and fullness to piano, saxaphone and voice.

Owned Hp100 and Bat 51SE. HP100 highs are more sparkling and slightly more fluid sounding. However, Bat 51se bass is more powerful and presentation is more weighty and dynamic. Bat is balanced and has a lower noise floor. I would go for 31se if I was u.
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I had the HP 100 with phono & it took the VAC Ren. Sig Mk. II with phono to replace it.
If you can live w/o balanced or remote & are into vinyl - Go For The Hovland.
It is dead quiet, very seductive looking & works like a charm.
Also has 7 inputs, so you can hook up just about everything you own.
A tad less slam than the BAT, but better mids & top end.
Agree that Hovland is particularly strong in it's phono section. If you play vinyl, then definitely the Hovland.
Thanks for all the great responses. I decided to buy a HOVLAND HP-200 and I'm very satisfied with it.
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