BAT vk3000se

Not even a single thread on this BAT VK-3000SE amplifier!!!
Please share your opinions about the amplifier
Its really nice looking.
You are asking about The VK-3000SE ($10,000) which is the newest version of what I own -The VK-300SE ($6,500).

The BAT VK-300SE has been my standby for 12 years. They punch WAY above their weight, have real power and finesse, and can be obtained at reasonable cost.
I have a four year old unit I may be putting on the market soon (very clean with "DR" NOS 6H30 driver tubes - $600 option).
I really can't find fault with its sound.
The trick is finding one that isn't 15 years old.
Acually I am asking about VK-3000se. Thanks.
Nobody own a BAT VK-3000se???
08-28-15: Gnanasekhar
Nobody own a BAT VK-3000se???

Apparently not.
Please let me know your opinions about this amp. Thanks.
Any of you guys using B.A.T. gear w/ Thiel speakers?
I used VK-300SE with Thiel 1.6s and my current 2.4SE.
The 1.6 setup was in the bedroom of my late Father’s double-wide mobile home. I’m not sure why, but this system made some of the best sound I’ve ever heard. The recording venue was instantly discernable on everything I played (a first for me). I felt I was hearing 99% of what was in the recording. I was listening in the near-field and had a quilt hanging on the rear wall.
The 2.4SE was in my 325 sq/ft living room with foam panels to tame reflections. Excellent sound but more homogenized that the 1.6 system
(has a much larger soundstage than the 1.6s, however) I’m using a different VK-300SE (with NOS 6H30 tubes) so this may also have an effect.
When browsing I have not find a single user review about this amp. Because of that only I am asking in this forum. Thanks.
gnanasekhar: If you live in the U.S.A., call Music Direct in Chicago.
The have a money back policy for 60 days (800 449-8333).
They are BAT dealers.
@dweller , gnanasekhar's profile has IND listed as Country.
Good idea though.
Yes, I live in India. I found one unit in Singapore at a very descent price.
Well share your opinion of it when you get it.
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