BAT VK200 amp w/ McIntosh C220 tube preamp

Any ideas on how this combo would work? My McIntosh C220 has balanced connections but isn't truly balanced so I would be running the BAT single-ended with the adaptors. Also, I've read that the BAT equipment runs very hot. I currently have a McIntosh amp but it's a loaner and my friend is taking it back. The newer Mac amps are just too pricey for me right now so I'm looking for an alternative for the amp. I appreciate any feedback.
I have a VK-200 and have been very pleased with it for the last 14 years. I've driven Magnepan 1.6s and am now using with Vandersteen 5s--I really couldn't be happier. It is true that it runs hot but I don't find this to be any issue. I did return mine to BAT for new capacitors last year and their service was just terrific.