BAT vk-p3 phono install

Im considering buying used a vk-p3 phono plug in for my vk-3ix preamp. I called BAT but they want $350 plus shipping. It's suppose to be a plug and play. Has anyone done this themselves or have the instructions? I'd like to do this myself but I'd like to know how hard it is. BAT says they don't ship them to customers anymore because too many messed it up even though its suppose to be fairly easy DIY.
Just to be clear they wanted $350 + the price of the card which is $750, so my total was goning to be $1,100 bucks. That seems alot if it is just indeed a plug and play application.
When I had my VK-3i, I bought a VK-3P here on Audiogon and had it installed in less than 10 minutes. I sold the VK-3i and removed the VK-3P to put into my new VK-3iX. Again, less than 10 minutes. I sold the VK-3iX with the phono board installed, so I didn't remove it again.

This was awhile ago and I do remember talking to Viktor about the install before I started. There was one little aspect to the install that needed you to pay close attention to, but I really don't remember what it was. I never had a problem with either preamp working with the VK-3P.

$350 seems WAY too much for a pretty simple install. Are you sure that is the right price?
If you can install a video or sound card in a PC, then you can install the VK-3P. But if you're talking $1100, then there are many better choices of a phono stage.
My experience w the VK-3P phono board was the same as MofiMadness on all points. I'll check and see if I still have the paperwork that came w it, but its possible that I shipped it w the unit when I sold it.
Thanks for looking Swampwalker - any help I can get would be much appreciated.

Mofi - He (Victor) quoted my $1100 bucks + shipping. The VK is $750 so that means install is indeed $350, and as I've said he said he doesn't sell them for DIY anymore. So I wont be buying it new, I will buy it used and do it myself if it seems doable by me, that's why I need the instructions.
I did this on a VK-30. the tricky part is cutting or removing some "0 ohm resitors". I had to buy my board through a dealer within the state, who determined I was capable to do install it myself. Maybe you could get a local dealer to do the install. It should be less than a half hour.
WOW! I wish my income was going up at that rate. A couple of years ago that VK-P3 card was $500. Maybe you could place a wanted ad out there. I'm sure there are BAT preamp or integrated amp users out there who may have the VK-P3 and are not using it (digital only). You may be able to pick one up for $200-$300 and install it yourself.
Oldears - I don't have any hifi dealers where I leave. So I cant go to them unfortunately.

And if I cant find "directions" on how do it, I cant even go to a local electroic repair store.
If you don't have a local dealer I suggest you call The Cable Company. They sell BAT and have a really good loaner program. You should have no problem getting them to send you the phono pre for an in home demo. Their very good people to do business with.
Sorry, Last- Apparently I did not make a copy of the instructions when I sold the board.
If your patient, the VK P5 shows up from time to time. I have seen them priced from $1000-$1500 depending on upgrades. The P5 with the 10SE output upgrade is worthwhile. I have heard the p3 in a VK 31 and the P5 with several different systems and I would recommend being patient and picking up a P5.