BAT VK-P10SE Owners -- What NOS tubes?

I have been using Amperex 7308 NOS tubes as replacements for the stock EH6922 in my BAT VK-P10SE for several years and I have been very pleased. Unfortunately, I need to replace the 7308s and they are very expensive. So, I would like to get opinions from other VK-P10SE owners regarding their experience with less expensive alternatives.
Hi, I have the super pak p10se. I also have the same 7308's then (had) rca 6sn7's and the orginal 6c45's.

I've ran these tubes for about 4 years. The 7308's were a nice step up over the stock RAM 6922's for me. Mostly in the noise floor area which allowed details etc to pop out.

I just replaced the 4 yr old rca 6sn7's with 6h8c's from Upscale Audio. About $30 each for the 2. Wow. Surprised me, guessing the RCA's were really worn out, but (after biasing) the 6h8c's really had a dynamic jump, image layering, and side to side movement improvement. Best $60. I think next i'll order a set of cryoed 6c45's, then move to the 6922 input tubes. I'll keep you posted.

FYI, if you are not using a XLR tonearm cable, I'd suggest it with this phono stage. Also, do you have the super pak update? It's a big step up as well.

Good luck !
Thanks for the response. I will try the 6h8cs. However, I thought that you only had to bias the 6922s. Do you have to rebias when you replace the 6sn7s as well?
Hi, when I put those 6h8c's in, yes, had to rebias it.
Would you show me how to rebias my VK-p10se after I change the four 6922 tubes? I have the owner's manual but I could not find the two metal contact test pins. Please help!

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In January, I sent in my P-10SE to BAT to have the auto-balance circuit installed. My unit came out before the auto-bias circuit was included. I was tired of having to adjust the bias (using those 2 pins/side and a meter) each time I changed the 6922 tubes. As of 1/10, BAT is now installing a new AC balance circuit (the older version controlled DC balance). BAT feels that this new circuit is quieter and does a better job than the older DC one. I can change any of the tubes now without having to rebias. A big relief. Highly recommended.
Consider the new Genelex 6922 tubes in this unit.
I am about to replace the factory stock tubes on my P10 SE and I am asking your suggestion.
My cartridge is Dynavector XVs1 with XLR tonearm cables.
I am hoping to achieve better dynamics larger and deeper presentation.
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I am far from the best expert on all the options here and I sold my P10SE about 2 years ago. I do miss it sometimes, it's stregnths, especially in the midband are excellent.

The middle 2 6922's in the rear are the most critical, then the outer 2 6922's. Matching is critical here both each tube and the sections in the triodes. I used the JAN military versions, hit dynamics and detail (better stage) very nicely for me. At the time I was using a Lyra Skala or Helicon which I believe have similar output as your Dyna...

Also, power cords and isoliation help out this phono stage (like most). I liked the Purist Audio Designs cords best when I had my bat phono. The dominus ferrox or 20th anniversary.
It has been a while and I wanted to resurrect this thread. I got myself an used BAT VK-P10SE and it is 8 years old and I was told changing tubes is an good idea.

To my dismay the choices are bewildering and so are the prices for some of the tubes. I am looking $50 to $500 per pair of tubes. It is just shocking to me!.

I am hoping someone who read this thread or the OP went thorough this journey and found tubes at are reasonable and can last a while and are what the AMP designers intended.

I like transparent sound, like amps and pre-amps to be true to source. What tubes should I replace it with?. Any pointers to cost to value is much appreciated.
For the 6C45 I was wondering if I can get these on ebay