BAT VK-D5SE supertube CD player sound

I have enjoyed my BAT VK-D5SE redbook player for many years - very solid organic sound. However, I can't help wondering what the next level sounds like. Can anyone give me a comparison of the BAT player verses the EMM Labs or the Audio Note DAC -- these are the two I am most interested in, also these are very differnt in how they process or not the digital to analogue conversion (DSD upsampling vs BAT 8X vs 1X no-upsampling). I am not too interested in specific "voices" -- I just want the MOST acuate true reproduction (like live voice/instruments). My other equipment is; Pass Labs Aleph P preamp, McCormack DNA-1 revision A amps, Quad 988 esl, and Pure Note silver cables. Also, as my redbook collection is numbering well within 4 digits; vinyl, SACD, or DVD is not a consideration at this time. Thanks for the help and oppinions.
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If Redbook is your main focus check out the Theta Gen VIII, I chose this over the inconsistent EMM labs on Redbook. Plus you can use the Gen VIII as a Preamp (same volumn control as my old Rowland Syngery IIi preamp) and eliminate your preamp as I did. I use a Theta Compli as the transport with amazing detail.

The Audio Note will provide a warmer presentation.

The EMM labs is amazing on SACD.