BAT VK-D5 SE versus Cambridge 840C Azur

I have the Cambridge 840C Azur upsampling CD player and frankly I'm rather happy with it. I'm toying with selling it and picking up a BAT VK-D5 SE (6H30). I was wondering if anyone has had the opportunity to comparethe two.
I use a BAT VK 300x SE with the 6H30DR super tube option for power/pre. I love this integrated amp! Speakers are in line for an upgrade although working very well...They're Canton CT 2000's from the late 80's / early 90's. Large, & very efficient 3 way towers which listed for $2500/pair back then. Very accurate without being edgy or fatiguing. Mids are almost warm, highs detailed and crisp and ample low end that's tight.
Thanks for your thoughts.
The Cantons are classics and compete against far more expensive speakers(in today's dollars). The BAT should be a step up from the humble cambridge, but don't expect it to be dramatically steps
Thanks for the insights. I was guessing that the BAT CD player would be a step up, but was wondering if it would really be only a slight step up. You've confirmed my thoughts exactly. maybe I'll pick up a transporter & server instead, as it will help manage way too many CDs!

Not many folks know or remember the Canton CT 2000's, but friends with far more pricey separates and speakers are always commenting on them saying how sweet they are. I always get the; "if you ever want to sell these, let me know 'cause I'll buy 'em".
i think u have to 'listen' the bat vk-d5SE to conclude!

but pls only run it in balanced XLR and be pleasantly suprised!

i did a ABC comparision and it beats NAIM CDX2, MARANTZ 11-S1 in terms of realistic presentation of the PRAT.

Only complaint is the seemingly flimsy CD tray and the lable on the parts inside ; MADE IN CHINA / INDIA - which u could see from the top of the grilllies.

but hey, what is not - in some parts/way or another made elsewhere but assembled in anothe place...

gd luck